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We seek to help entities resolve challenging technologies, policies, and regulatory issues involved with effective sharing of client health information. We seek to provide comprehensive guidance on data standards, regulatory requirements, and sustainable technology practices.

Recent Health IT Articles Posted By Health eServices

The Guide to Getting & Using Your Health Records

An Office of the National Coordinator published web guide

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This newly published web guide from ONC titled, "The Guide to Getting & Using Your Health Records: The steps, tips, and tools you’ll need to get, check, and use your health record" helps to instruct consumers on how to get their health record from healthcare providers, their rights to those records, and some specific ways in which to get a hold of that information.

HIPAA Access Infographic

An ONC HIPAA Access Poster

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From the HealthIT.Gov website: 

This infographic, titled Your Health Information, Your Rights, was created by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights.

Patient Engagement Playbook

A Health Care Provider Resource from the ONC

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From the HealthIT.gov website:

Use the Patient Engagement Playbook as your guide. The Playbook is an evolving resource for providers, practice staff, hospital staff, and other innovators: a compilation of tips and best practices we’re collecting from providers and health systems like yours.

HIPAA Access and Third Parties

An ONC HIPAA Access Video

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From the HealthIT.Gov website: 

Video 3 – HIPAA Access and Third Parties: Video 3 tells the story of Martin, who would like to share the health information in his medical record with a heart health application on his smartphone.  The video provides information on the right to provide access to a third party, including a mobile application device.  Length 3:16

Health app developers, what are your questions about HIPAA?

A resource from the US Office for Civil Rights

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From the OCR website: 

We are experiencing an explosion of technology using data about the health of individuals in innovative ways to improve health outcomes. Building privacy and security protections into technology products enhances their value by providing some assurance to users that the information is safe and secure and will be used and disclosed only as approved or expected. Such protections are sometimes required by federal and state laws, including the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

Health Literacy Online

A Guide for Simplifying the User Experience

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From the Health Literacy Online website:

Health Literacy Online is about broadening access to user-friendly health information and services on the web. This research-based guide discusses why and how to design health websites and other digital health information tools for all users, including the millions of Americans who don’t have strong reading or health literacy skills—as well as those who don’t have a lot of time to find, process, and use complex health information.
It’s written for anyone involved in creating online health content, from start to finish—writers and editors, content managers, digital strategists, user experience strategists, web designers, developers, and others. The strategies and tips can also be applied widely across disciplines.

Health Outreach Starter Kit

For Newly Funded Health Centers and New Access Point Grantees

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From the Health Outreach Partners website:

Health Outreach Partners (HOP) is an organization that values all people and strives to make health access a reality for all. We recognize the capacity of outreach in facilitating access to quality health care and social services for underserved populations. To best support health centers that are starting a new outreach program, as well as organizations looking to strengthen their existing outreach efforts, HOP created the Outreach Starter Kit for Health Centers. The Starter Kit contains outreach-related resources all in one place for Newly-Funded Health Centers and New Access Point Grantees. This resource will support you in better understanding outreach and its target populations, planning and implementing your program, hiring and maintaining staff, and demonstrating the business value of outreach.

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