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We seek to help entities resolve challenging technologies, policies, and regulatory issues involved with effective sharing of client health information. We seek to provide comprehensive guidance on data standards, regulatory requirements, and sustainable technology practices.



Health eService consultants have been at the forefront of health information systems research and development. We have built long-running health information management systems and electronic patient engagement technologies from the ground up,
The Health IT alphabet soup of interoperability and health information system Integration can be extremely hard to navigate. Health e-Services can help you affordably make sense of Meaningful Use requirements, leverage health information exchange opportunities, and determine where to begin in adopting health information systems and services.
Health care providers of all types need assistance in implementing patient activation programs that take advantage of the assessment and reporting efficiency of patient portals and personal health information systems. We can help implement frameworks and technologies for increased patient engagement, education and activation requirements.
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Health IT Articles Posted and Curated by Health eServices

Key Themes from HITAC Hearing on Health Equity by Design

30 June 2022

As part of ONC’s efforts to embrace the concept of health equity by design, ONC’s Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC) held a hearing in March to explore equity considerations in health IT featuring expert panelists from the fields of health equity, health IT, and health data exchange.
Panelists drew from their experience working to advance health equity in distinct sectors, including practicing clinical medicine, developing technology for healthcare, and working to foster data sharing between healthcare and community-based organizations.

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ONC Launches New HITAC Adopted Standards Task Force

16 June 2022

Today, ONC launched the Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC) Adopted Standards Task Force to review and make recommendations on the existing set of ONC-adopted  standards and implementation specifications. This HITAC Task Force fulfills the following 21st Century Cures Act requirement:
Beginning 5 years after the date of enactment [December 13, 2016] of the 21st Century Cures Act and every 3 years thereafter, the National Coordinator shall convene stakeholders to review the existing set of adopted standards and implementation specifications and make recommendations with respect to whether to-
(A) maintain the use of such standards and implementation specifications;

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