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2.4.2 Use Case B

2.4.2 Use Case B

Device-Connected Wellness App

2.4.2 Use Case B

A weight management app helps consumers to systematically collect weight information, food consumption information and exercise information.  Weight can be entered manually, or a consumer can link a wireless scale to the app so that weight is automatically collected when using the scale.  Food consumption is entered manually, and the tool estimates calories consumed based on the consumer’s input. Exercise information may be entered manually or collected automatically through integration with a smart watch. The app analyzes all the data and offers warnings and advice (e.g., patient’s unhealthy combination of weight and exercise levels lead to recommendations for diet and exercise changes): these make it potentially a medical device and candidate for government regulation, though not at this time.[See Link 1 Below] The app has an ability to download weight, activity, and food consumption information to PHRs through a published API. In the US Realm, the App developer is not a HIPAA entity, but app can be white-labeled by HIPAA entities, such as a clinic offering a PHR to its patients through a portal.



 Device Integrated

 Medical Device App Categorization


 Data Device Categorization

 Regulated Device

 PHI Data Storage


 Data transmission by App


 Importance of Data Integrity


 (USA) HIPAA covered?

 No, but Yes if white-labeled


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See British Standards Institution Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 277:2015 Health and wellness apps. Quality criteria across the life cycle. Code of practice (https://shop.bsigroup.com/forms/PASs/PAS-2772015/) which has a good set of Terms and Definitions (section 3).

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