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Health eService consultants have been at the forefront of health information systems research and development. We have built long-running health information management systems and electronic patient engagement technologies from the ground up,
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Health care providers of all types need assistance in implementing patient activation programs that take advantage of the assessment and reporting efficiency of patient portals and personal health information systems. We can help implement frameworks and technologies for increased patient engagement, education and activation requirements.
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Health IT Articles Posted and Curated by Health eServices

Non-sterile, Single-use Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuffs...

5 June 2023
Read the recommendations for health care facilities and providers due to localized supply constraints of non-sterile, single-use pneumatic tourniquet cuffs.

Abiomed Recalls Specific Impella 5.5 with SmartAssist...

5 June 2023
Impella provides short-term pumping support to the heart. Purge fluid leaks may cause the pump to stop providing necessary therapy for critical patients.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: Uso del dispositivo Renuvion/J-Plasma...

30 May 2023
El dispositivo Renuvion/J-Plasma puede utilizarse para otros procedimientos cutáneos estéticos.

FDA Updating Warnings to Improve Safe Use of...

26 May 2023
The FDA is requiring updates to the Boxed Warning and other information to ensure the prescribing information is made consistent across the entire class of these medicines to address continuing concerns of misuse, abuse, addiction, and overdose of prescription stimulants.

SD BioSensor, Inc. Recalls Certain Pilot COVID-19...

25 May 2023
SD BioSensor is recalling some Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Tests for the risk that a bacteria contamination could harm users or cause false test results.

Draeger Medical Recalls Seattle PAP Plus and Breathing...

24 May 2023
Draeger Seattle PAP Plus and some breathing circuit or anesthesia kits may have parts that loosen or detach, preventing needed breathing support.

ICU Medical Recalls Replacement Batteries for Plum 360, Plum A+, and Plum A+3 Infusion Systems Due to Diminished Battery Life that May Impact Infusion Delivery

22 May 2023
Replacement batteries for ICU Medical’s Plum 360, Plum A+ and Plum A+3 large volume infusion pumps may have shorter than expected battery life.

Novis PR LLC Issues Voluntary Recall of G-Supress DX Pediatric Drops Due to Incorrect Packaging

19 May 2023
San Juan, PR, Novis PR LLC is voluntarily recalling Lot D20911 Exp 10/25 of G-Supress DX Pediatric Drops to the consumer level. Some cartons of the product have been found to contain incorrect product inside. Incorrect product inside is an anesthetic/analgesic and not a brand of Novis PR LLC.

Novis PR LLC Emite Retiro Voluntario de Gotas Pediátricas G-Supress DX Debido a Empaque Incorrecto

19 May 2023
San Juan, PR, Novis PR LLC está retirando voluntariamente el lote D20911 Exp 10/25 de gotas pediátricas G-Supress DX a nivel de consumidor. Se ha encontrado que algunas cajas del producto contienen un producto incorrecto en su interior. El producto incorrecto en el interior es un anestésico/analgési

BearCare Voluntarily Recalls Rechargeable Walnut Thermometer Due to the Potential for Skin Burns

12 May 2023
BearCare, Inc. is initiating a voluntary recall of its rechargeable Walnut Wearable Smart Thermometer (Walnut Thermometer) due to reports of injuries, including skin burns, by users. The Walnut Thermometer is an over-the-counter rechargeable device intended for continuous chest temperature monitorin