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Is It Legal to Record Your Visit with the Doctor?

Journal of the American Medical Association with an updated article from the BMJ

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In the article titled, "Can Patients Make Recordings of Medical Encounters?" from the JAMA Network authors Elwyn, Barr, and Castaldo discuss some of the broader legalities of making a recording while visiting your doctor.

Making a recording that you can add to your personal health record can be a great way of maintaining documentation and accountability for your care, as well as assist you and your family in remembering instructions given to you by your care provider.

Understanding the legalities can help ensure this is a positive experience for both you and your doctor and will allow you to make recordings that are admissible in court if needed.

Conversations for Health

Managing conversations that make a difference in primary care and family settings

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From the Conversations for Health:

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) funded this series of conversation experiences to understand the impact of simulated role-play conversations, featuring virtual humans, in managing conversations that make a difference in primary care and family settings. RWJF seeks to discover, explore, and learn from cutting-edge ideas with the potential to help build a Culture of Health.

Health Literacy Online

A Guide for Simplifying the User Experience

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From the Health Literacy Online website:

Health Literacy Online is about broadening access to user-friendly health information and services on the web. This research-based guide discusses why and how to design health websites and other digital health information tools for all users, including the millions of Americans who don’t have strong reading or health literacy skills—as well as those who don’t have a lot of time to find, process, and use complex health information.
It’s written for anyone involved in creating online health content, from start to finish—writers and editors, content managers, digital strategists, user experience strategists, web designers, developers, and others. The strategies and tips can also be applied widely across disciplines.

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