The Critical Importance of Owning Your Medical Data

The Critical Importance of Owning Your Medical Data

Securing Personal Health

14 January 2024
In an age where data breaches are increasingly common, the security of medical data has become a paramount concern. A recent article on Wired, titled "Your Medical Data Is Code Blue," delves into the...
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How to: Use TextSecure

1 April 2015

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation article: "TextSecure is a messaging app that allows users to send confidential messages with their mobile phone using end-to-end encryption. The app works over a Wi-Fi or data connection, but can also be used to send SMS if such a connection is unavailable."

Eight Numbers to Protect from ID Thieves

23 July 2014
All Clear Alert Network

 This article from the AllClearID Alert Network provides a brief description of some common personally identifiable information that is targeted by identity thieves.

Safe Shepard

9 March 2014
Safe Shepard Personal Information Analysis

 Safe Shephard is an online privacy protection service that assists you in managing the personal information that you want to allow marketing and consumer information collection companies to gather and store.

';--have i been pwned?

31 December 2013
';--have i been pwned?

The ';--have i been pwned? website provides consumers with an easy way to check and see whether their online identity has been a part of any reported public breaches.

As a health information consumer you should be sure to make yourself aware of these breaches which may compromise commonly used usernames and passwords.